Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hockey - the band is much better than the sport

I ran across the band Hockey on the TV show Live at Abbey Road, where different bands record songs at the famous studio. Hockey was on an episode with two artists I've admired for a long time, Counting Crows and Melody Gardot, and naturally I thought "Who the hell is Hockey?" Well, they're a New Wave-y/Punk-y kinda band from Portland, Oregon that is like a poppier version of The Strokes. Or, at least, a band better at the pop elements and hooks that they put into their music. My wife immediately said "these guys are awesome, we need to buy their album", so we did (it's called Mind Chaos) and I've been listening to little else lately. Their song "Learn to Lose" is my favorite and I included a link to it down below. Hope everyone likes it as much as I do, although I does grow on me each time I listen to it, so don't give up after one if you don't care for it. And if you like it, check out their song "Too Fake" as well, or just get the whole album, it's one of the few recent albums I can listen to from front to back and not have a problem with any song.

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