Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bad Lip Reading

The genius of the Bad Lip Reading videos is something not enough people have been exposed to yet. A man, still managing to remain anonymous, has taken videos of political candidates and overdubbed his own audio, using something called the "McGurk effect", that makes them say nonsensical things like "Save a pretzel for the gas jets" and "We could shoot a Russian unicorn". He tries to match the mouth movements, leading to some of those random bits of hilarity that have had me laughing for days now. Michael Buble (whose song "Haven't Met You Yet" is turned into "Russian Unicorn") is a fan, and has been telling people to check it out on YouTube. I agree with him, and these are my favorite three BLR videos so far.

Herman Cain, my favorite:

Michael Buble's "Russian Unicorn":

The wonderful Rick Perry video:

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