Monday, November 9, 2015

Top 50 movies and other lists

So, in conjunction with Guy with a Movie Blog, we are gonna do some lists. He and I, over the next couple of months, will be listing out our all-time favorite movies 5 spots at a time, while alternating with some top genre lists and others (best animated films, best performances, etc.). Each week we'll have a new list, and we're starting this Friday with the first five spots in our all-time top 50 movies. He's doing his list alphabetically, while mine will be ranked. I'm not sure what other criteria he'll have, but my only one is that a filmmaker only gets one spot. Otherwise the list would be dominated by Scorsese, Hitchcock, and Kurosawa movies. Otherwise there isn't much that would change. The Princess Bride, Apocalypse Now, Persona and a few others from filmmakers I admire would be on there as well, but it's my list and I decided I would just do one filmmaker, one film.

So here's to some good reading and good listing!

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clint chirpich said...

I'm excited for it!

I also decided to limit it to one film per director, just to give my list a shaking up. Otherwise, mine would be dominated by the Coens, Kubrick, Spielberg, Fincher (they'd make up about 15 of the 50).